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Life In Sanur (Blog)

The Genius Bar in Sanur is Goodish

A great location and just a few minutes walk from our place, the Genius Bar features couches and beanbags on the beach and a restaurant set behind. It's also meant to have fast internet. The food is great but expensive for this part of Sanur. Our kids devoured the [...]

Vale Dolf, the designer of The Villa Sanur

Sadly, we found out a few days ago that the creator and original owner of The Villa Sanur, Dolf Versteegh, passed away. He was a long time resident of Sanur and before that Ubud. Our thoughts go out to his wife Carin and family. He was a lovely man [...]

See our kid-friendly pool with safety fence

The photos floating around online of our pool were taken before we added a safety fence. We’ve had requests to see how it looks and here it is above. We’ve stayed at a lot of private villas and hotels in Bali (and in particular Sanur) and the most stressful thing [...]

A Short History of Sanur, Bali

Follow the link or read some of the highlights of this interesting article on Sanur and Batujimbar's past and their influence on the world. South China Morning Post, August 2008. Revelling in paradise The very rich aren't like the rest of us. They like to mingle with each other in [...]

Exploring our family-friendly Sanur villa (VIDEO)

A few guests have asked whether we have video of the villa to give them a better feel for how the place looks. I just found this video from when we were finalising the renovation in 2013. Hopefully it gives you a feel for how the (kid-safe) pool, garden, (shallow) [...]

Learn bahasa Indonesia: The alphabet

The starting point to learning the Indonesian bahsasa (“language”) is the alphabet. The great news is that it uses the same 26 characters as English and words are pronounced quite phonetically so you can quickly get a feel for how words should sound. There’s a few key letters you need [...]

Hardys Supermarket review: The #1 place to shop in sanur

Hardys Supermarket is the place to go when you want to stock up with supplies for a while. It has a big range of fruit, vegies, drinks, snacks, alcohol, bread, coffee, toiletries, and so on. It’s a 10-minute ride from The Villa Sanur or a few minutes in a cab [...]

Sneak peek at our refurb

  So we have been promising some new photos all week, but we have been absolutely frantic trying to get into the house by 19 December when our lease was up on the house we have been renting.  Well, we made it!  And here are some very amateur photos taken [...]

The final temple moving ceremony

We’re a few days behind on the photos. A lot is happening. So many trips out to find furnishings and the like we're close to going insane. A few days ago we had a special ceremony that enabled the spirits here to move back to their proper temples from the [...]