Hardys Supermarket review: The #1 place to shop in sanur

Hardys Supermarket is the place to go when you want to stock up with supplies for a while. It has a big range of fruit, vegies, drinks, snacks, alcohol, bread, coffee, toiletries, and so on. It’s a 10-minute ride from The Villa Sanur or a few minutes in a cab and is half way along the main street in Sanur called Jalan Tamblingan.

But before you go to Hardys Supermarket, may we quote you some lyrics from The Eagles’ classic ‘Hotel California’: you can check out any time you like but (sometimes it feels like) you can never leave.

The checkout process can be excruciating. It’s seems like the scanner fails to read at least half the items so they must be manually entered, your card won’t work on a particular machine so you have to use another machine, or there’s some other hold up — you get the idea.

All that said, we have a fondness for the place, not only because it’s the only supermarket in Sanur, but because it’s pretty well stocked and locals shop there too so you get to mingle and see an assortment of products you’ve never seen before.

Two tips. Firstly, if you’re buying fruit and vegetables, remember to get them weighed before you checkout. Secondly, if you’re lazy or don’t want to haggle over purchasing some souvenirs, just head upstairs and choose from a large range of fixed-price stuff.

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