The Genius Bar in Sanur is Goodish

A great location and just a few minutes walk from our place, the Genius Bar features couches and beanbags on the beach and a restaurant set behind. It’s also meant to have fast internet.
The food is great but expensive for this part of Sanur. Our kids devoured the pizzas and kept asking for more. Drinks were expensive and it was impossible to get a standard, familiar cocktail as everything had their own take. No Bintang available for the local beer lover. Only more expensive exotic types.
The live music on the night of 6/1/17 was excruciating. Featuring a technically proficient acoustic musician who was amped up way too loud, he one by one destroyed an anthology of classics and remade them in his unique and rigid style. Most likely moving on passersby and ending early the evenings of the patrons already there. Fortunately the place is large and we found seats at the other end so we were not completely deafened.


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