Shrine moving ceremony

Before we can begin the final stage of the renovation we need to move the shrines to ensure they don’t get damaged. In the interim, temporary shrines are set up so the positive energy is maintained in the lane and in the villa and so the house Gods still have somewhere to inhabit.

The dedication of the local people to spirituality is one of the many things that makes Bali such a magic place.  When we were getting some advice about starting our renovation there was no question of whether or not we would have a ceremony in order to move the shrines, it was presented as a fact and included in our building quote.  Another line item along with the stone for the new wall and steel for the roof!  Once the building is complete there will be a big ceremony to welcome the Gods back into their relocated shrines.

Part of the renovation also includes moving the entrance door and gate so the are two at positioned at the side of the lane instead of right out in the middle. Doing this reduces the chance of bad energy entering the villa.

Shrine in lane New temporary shrine Ceremony New temporary shrine Shrine Ceremony Temporary shrine inside grounds Everyone's happy after ceremony

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